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Many organizations do not have IT Security resources to support all aspects of a fully functional IT Security program such as Threat Intelligence, SIEM, Vulnerability Management, etc. Businesses want to focus on their core competencies, allowing them to be more strategic with their investments in people, processes, and technology.

Why Verum Security?

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Our managed security services are designed to focus on cyber-security challenges across many industry verticals and organizations of all sizes including accounting, financials, healthcare, retail, technology to name the few. These important yet time-consuming set of tasks impact your focus on core business operations. To reduce this impact, we provide managed security operations solutions organically and through our partner relationships.

Many of these businesses process and store a wealth of confidential client data and it is the imperative that those client assets are adequately protected and proactively monitored.

Managed Firewall

The managed firewall service provides you with access to Security Operations professionals who monitor your firewalls 24 hours a day, manage firewall policies and manage maintenance activities. Extra features and benefits include anti-spam, anti-malware, intrusion detection and more time to focus on your business.

SIEM and Security Monitoring

Having visibility into what is happening within organization’s IT landscape is a challenge for any enterprise regardless of its size. Logs are created and stored across multitude of devices and without centralized log management and correlation, seemingly innocuous security events may go undetected.

Verum Security SIEM and Log Management service collects, analyzes, and correlates security events from applications, networks, and systems. Log management services collects, normalizes, and stores logs from almost any networked asset.

Threat Intelligence

Verum Security Cyber Threat Intelligence service includes sophisticated security technologies and the latest threat intelligence which provides detection and protection against zero-day attacks such as malware, ransomware, and other forms of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).

Our services are focused on proactively identifying active and emerging threats facing an organization and developing internal resources ability to contextualize, adapt, and prevent those threats. We work closely with our clients on strategic planning, threat analysis, technical solutions and internal resource expertise development required to implement a true risk-driven cyber security program.

Vulnerability Management

Verum Security offers an affordable, comprehensive, and scalable Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMS) solution that covers wide variety of assets, goes beyond a traditional vulnerability scanning by having the ability to identify true likelihood of exploitation and to prioritize remediation to reduce attack surface.
It has the ability to manage and monitor configuration changes, patches, vulnerabilities, hardening and policy compliance of applications, devices, and systems and provides interactive dashboards and reporting capabilities.

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verum logo footer grayMany businesses believe that data breaches happen only to big Fortune 100 companies. But that cannot be further from the truth. Every business has data that someone wants. Contact Verum Security for a FREE initial threat and risk assessment facing your business.

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