Adding a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can be very expensive for businesses of any size. Yet, many of such businesses do not need full-time cybersecurity executive leadership; what's required is an experienced, cybersecurity professional with the skills to drive cybersecurity projects and strategy.

Working with your internal resources, our vCISO consultants will plan, and execute a cybersecurity strategy which aligns with your business strategy.

Why Verum Security?

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Our vCISO services provide your organization with skilled cybersecurity leaders. You will get valuable guidance from seasoned cybersecurity leaders, without hiring one full-time.

Our experienced vCISO professionals have at least 5 + years of executive experience across a multitude of security domains, including but not limited to Compliance, Governance, and Information Security Program Development, Incident Management, Risk Management, Vendor Management earned across a variety of industry verticals such as Financials, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology. They were previously employed by major consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of information security. Risks must be first identified and understood before any effective remediation can take place. For the customers looking for precise risk measurement, Verum Security offers a comprehensive security risk assessment. This assessment will identify critical information assets along with threats facing those assets, their impacts, and likelihood of occurrence. These findings combined with the assets value, both qualitative and quantitative, enable businesses to understand which assets are most at risk and threats need resolution first.

Information Security Program Development

The mission of information security program is to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business information assets through a program which identifies and mitigates security risks and threats facing a business. Verum Security will assist you in developing and maintaining an effective information security program which aligns policies, standards, and technical controls across people, processes, and technology and based on your business needs and drivers, industry accepted practices, privacy and compliance requirements, and measured risk.

Vendor Security Assessments

Businesses of all sizes rely on third-party vendors for a variety of products and services. Often, these vendors have access to critical data and systems. With this rising trend, more and more businesses are taking a holistic approach to security, going beyond reviewing their own security practices to test and track their vendors’ security practices as well.

Before entrusting third parties with access to your critical assets, you need to conduct a deep dive security assessment of a potential vendor’s security policies, procedures, technology, and personnel. Our vendor security assessment relies on industry best practices and years of experience evaluating vendors across many verticals.

Cloud Security Assessments

Businesses are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud to capitalize on technology savings provided by cloud providers. Transitioning to public cloud computing involves a transfer of responsibility and control to the cloud provider over data and supporting infrastructure components that were previously under internal IT direct control such as network and system infrastructure, physical security, etc.

As businesses transition their applications and data to the cloud, it is critical for them to maintain, or surpass, the level of security they had in their traditional IT environment. For the clients seeking to ensure that this transition is smooth and secure, Verum Security offers a comprehensive cloud security assessment. This risk assessment of your dedicated or multi-tenant environments is conducted per industry recognized cloud security best practices to ensure your applications, data, and systems in the cloud are secure.

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verum logo footer grayMany businesses believe that data breaches happen only to big Fortune 100 companies. But that cannot be further from the truth. Every business has data that someone wants. Contact Verum Security for a FREE initial threat and risk assessment facing your business.

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